We do more than manage money.

Financial Planning

Financial Planning

Investment Management

Every client is unique, with different goals and levels of risk tolerance. But to us, it goes beyond that. Every client has a story — a dream of early retirement, a goal of traveling around the world, or the basic desire not to outlive your money. That’s why we believe in individually managed accounts, and a customized plan — for every client.

We’ll start by looking at your appetite for risk, your time horizon, and your overall financial situation. Then we’ll suggest a diversified mix of investments that’s appropriate for your long-term goals.

As markets move and your goals change, we’ll continually monitor the investments in your account, making adjustments as needed in an effort to ensure your account remains aligned with your strategy and your plan.

401K Management

“Can you just do it for me?”
That is the #1 question we have received over the years. Employees want help in selecting their funds and managing their account. Until now, that was not allowed. Utilizing our 401k in-plan advice solution along with your 401k plan, we can select the investments for you, build your portfolio, manage your portfolio on-going, and provide you quarterly report cards projecting how much income you are potentially on-track to receive in retirement.


Today, half of American workers are not ready for retirement, according to the most recent confidence survey published by the Employee Benefit Research Institute.¹ Eighty-one percent of employees say they are a little or a lot behind schedule in planning and saving for retirement.


Employees want to know “Can you just do it for me?” Now, the answer is “Yes!“ 


Expertise really does make a difference.
A study commissioned by Charles Schwab found that over 80% of 401(k) plan participants want professional investment management and advice to help them manage their 401(k) account. Stated another way, they don’t want to be told what they could do, they want someone to do it for them.


And who can blame them? Participants who used fiduciary investment advice and services earned 2.92% more per year than “do it yourself” investors.² A 2015 study released by Vanguard found similar results.³

We can help you achieve your goals.

Tax Planning & Preparation

Financial planning and tax efficiency go hand-in-hand. Whether you’re looking to properly save for retirement, help improve your income tax situation or want help with your business taxes – we can create a customized plan for you.


Going to a financial planner for your financial plan and a tax preparer for your taxes is redundant. It’s like two people working on the same project but never speaking. We help maximize your financial plan by planning AND preparing your taxes. Almost every part of your financial plan has a tax element to it, especially with stock options. Money saved on taxes is a real value. Tax savings can be quantified. The money you save continues to work for you. Like compound interest, the benefit of having a tax smart financial plan accumulates over a lifetime so that each year we work together will build on the last.


Using your pay stub and last tax return, we will create a tax plan for you to evaluate multiple scenarios. The end result is every piece of your financial plan will be optimized to produce the best tax outcome. With your tax plan in place, you will be aware of any future tax bills. You can prepare now instead of being blindsided on April 15.


Preparing your return will be a breeze. No more mindless clicking through some online tax prep program. No more of the tax preparer who just takes what you give them and thoughtlessly produces a return. Using your tax plan, we will help you organize your documents. We will prepare the return for you. Your return will be reviewed and compared to your tax plan to check for mistakes. We will file the return for you.

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With a passion for helping people win and stewarding an atmosphere of excellence, she is driven to elevate systems, procedures, and programs. As a lifelong Tulsa resident, Kate recently married her high school sweetheart in July of 2022. When Kate is not in the office, you will find her serving the local church, playing pickleball, enjoying coffee with friends, and cheering on her husband, Brody, at the golf course.