Your Free Financial Assessment

A 3-step process to help you evaluate our services and make an informed decision about working together.

Free Assessment Binder

Our financial planning professionals provide the most value to the individuals who:

Just Getting Started

Forward-thinking individuals who want a personal CFO because they know that their financial legacy is too important to manage alone.

Preparing to Retire

Individuals who are retired or want to know they have the ability to retire one day.

Sudden Life Event

Stock options? Inheritance? A new child? Hire an expert who will help you guide you through the changes.

Your Retirement Checkup

1. Schedule A Call

A 20-minute phone call will give us both a chance to make sure your situation matches our expertise. After all, you wouldn’t see a Cardiologist if you needed foot surgery.

2. Team Meeting

Like a doctor, it’s important to diagnose before we prescribe. The next step is meeting with our team (in-person or virtually). During this 1-hour meeting, our team will get crystal clear on your retirement goals, needs, and concerns.

3. Review Assessment

With your Retirement Assessment complete, we will have another 1-hour meeting to review our findings and recommendations. In plain English, we will explain exactly what you can do to improve your retirement plan, lower taxes, and optimize your investments.

Schedule A Call

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Meet Kate

Kate graduated from Oral Roberts University with a degree in Global Ministry and the Marketplace and went directly into full-time Ministry at her local church following graduation.


With a passion for helping people win and stewarding an atmosphere of excellence, she is driven to elevate systems, procedures, and programs. As a lifelong Tulsa resident, Kate recently married her high school sweetheart in July of 2022. When Kate is not in the office, you will find her serving the local church, playing pickleball, enjoying coffee with friends, and cheering on her husband, Brody, at the golf course.